The deadline for lightening talk, open paper and symposium submissions has passed.

However, we are accepting poster submissions through Feb 15.


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Symposium proposals include 4 speakers and focus on a specific theme. Not all symposia can be accommodated and priority will be given to symposia that include a diversity of speakers including gender, race, nationality, and seniority level. Find out more about submitting a proposal.


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Open papers are individual short (10 minute) talks by faculty members. The Program Committee will organize these talks by theme and possibly suggest symposia encompassing multiple open paper speakers. This is a great venue to share new and exciting data!


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Lightning talks are very short rapid-fire talks by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Talks are only 5 minutes long followed by Q&A. Only 1 slide conveying one (and only one) key finding is permitted. Each day will feature multiple lightning talk sessions.


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Faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students may submit abstracts to present posters at the conference. Poster sessions allow for a more intimate exchange with colleagues and enhanced visibility at the conference. Posters stay up for a full day.

Now Open: Late-breaking poster submissions accepted through Feb 15.

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