Symposia make up the majority of the LEARNMEM program. All proposals must include four and only four speakers and must focus on a specific theme. Proposers and speakers are reminded of our 50/50 Golden Rule. 50% of the time should be reserved for discussion and questions. Thus, the symposium format is four 15 minute talks (with 5 mins of Q&A after each) and a 40 minute general discussion and synthesis. Symposium presenters will be asked to bring their slides on a flash drive and must use the conference laptop. Laptop will be equipped with the latest versions of PowerPoint and Keynote.

Who can propose a symposium? 

Anyone can propose a symposium. Contributions from junior scholars are particularly encouraged.


Not all symposia can be accommodated and priority will be given to symposia that include a diversity of speakers including gender, race/ethnicity, nationality, and seniority level. Symposium proposals will be additionally judged based on originality, general interest, fit with overall conference themes, and overlap with other sessions.


Please check the speakers' availability and willingness to join the meeting prior to submitting the proposal. Your proposal will not be considered complete until you have confirmed with the speakers.


If your symposium is accepted, you will chair and monitor the symposium. If you are not one of the speakers you may give a 5-minute overview and introduction of the session.  You may choose to also be one of the speakers in your own symposium.

Registration for speakers

All symposium speakers and chairs will have to register for the meeting and cover their own travel and lodging expenses.

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