Keynote Speakers


LearnMem2023 Plenary Speaker, Emery Brown

Emery Brown

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Monitoring and controlling the level of unconsciousness under general anesthesia

LearnMem2023 Keynote Speaker, Kay Tye

Kay Tye

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Associative learning: Solving the valence assignment problem


Plenary Lectures

LearnMem2023 Plenary Speaker, Sarah Burke
Sara Burke
University of Florida

Targeting metabolism to enhance cognitive resilience in during aging

Christine Gall
Christine Gall
University of California, Irvine

Sex differences in synaptic plasticity and learning

LearnMem2023 Plenary Speaker, Alicia Izquierdo
Alicia Izquierdo
University of California, Los Angeles

Frontocortical circuits in reward learning and value-based decision making

LearnMem2023 Plenary Speaker, Sheena Josselyn
Sheena Josselyn
Hospital for Sick Children

Neuronal allocation to a spatial memory in mice

LearnMem2023 Plenary Speaker, Jelena Radulovic
Jelena Radulovic
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Representation of stressful experiences in memory circuits

LearnMem2023 Plenary Speaker, Steve Ramirez
Steve Ramirez
Boston University

How moments turn to engrams in the brain

LearnMem2023 Plenary Speaker, Charan Ranganath
Charan Ranganath
University of California, Davis

A paradigm shift in our understanding of episodic memory

LEARNMEM2023 Speaker, Daphna Shohamy
Daphna Shohamy
Columbia University

How memory guides value-based decisions

LearnMem2023 Plenary Speaker, Saul Villeda
Saul Villeda
University of California San Francisco

Systemic mechanisms of cognitive rejuvenation

Marcelo Wood
Marcelo Wood
University of California, Irvine

Examining how the intersection of epigenetics, exercise and metabolism affects memory formation in the adult and aging brain

LearnMem2023 Plenary Speaker, Jeff Zacks
Jeff Zacks
Washington University in St. Louis

Prediction error and memory updating

James L. McGaugh Distinguished Lecture Speaker


Kafui Dzirasa Headshot

Kafui Dzirasa

Duke University School of Medicine
Discovering and regulating internal affective states in health and disease



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